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The beginning of this decade 2020–30 already has been a tumultuous one, with COVID19, throwing things in disarray. A lot has been written on how enterprises would change, would focus on Working remotely when possible, how automation is going to change, how operations and expenses are changing. One of the caveats we tend to miss is that we are basing all of this on the existing model, that the companies have a central board room deciding these changes.

I believe that this decade is going to cement the method of decentralisation. This article I discuss how we…

A game designed by the author to learn elements of game design: Photo Credit — Author

I have fond memories of my childhood, where I engaged myself in long hours of video game play of Mario. The pixelated princess and the 2D world was what enchanted me.Off lately also I’ve been playing video games with my daughter, specifically of the racing genre.

However on my professional front, I’m a software architect, and now I design courses/curricula to teach various aspects of technology. One of the hardest parts of this is to make the content and teaching engaging and interesting.

The video game experience of my earlier years led me to think “What makes people learn to…

Work From Home — Photo by Roberto Nickson on Unsplash

The most famous word COVID19, has changed how atleast the IT, Tech and Service industries work. Work from home (WFH) is a common aspect as lockdowns continue across the world.

Companies are divided on the strategy, duration and methodology of WFH. We see there are 2 types of companies.

  • The ones who have gone all in, saying that their employees can WFH forever
  • The ones who are cautious and believe that WFH in the long run is not good.

A premise of why this has happened is essential to the understanding of how companies behave and organise themselves.

If you…

Photo by author, wish he could share the feeling in this picture for real

For quite sometime now, I’ve been thinking and teaching how we could de-layer in software architectures, to achieve lesser impedance mismatches. Eg of this has been how data is stored in a database, and all we do is change it from one form to another, i.e.. from data in the database, to and object in an application layer(any language), to JSON to HTML. Think about this, aren’t we as software engineers supposed to do better than just parry around data and change formats of it, and call it as a real job?

However this actually got me thinking to another…

Me- Stamped by City Officials to be home quarantined for additional days as a precaution.

I’m not much of a pessimist, however there are a few things that I’ve learnt during the last few days of being in a lockdown around me. I’m sure a lot of people across the world have their experiences. I would love to know more about other’s experiences.

Some things to remember is that this could be long wait before we return to normalcy and see the day the same. Some of us have had extreme experiences (currently as I write, the worst affected are in Wuhan — China and Italy). Here goes

First Positive Things

  1. Exercise daily: Bare minimum…

Rethinking the approach for the future.

Decision, where to go? (Photo Credits — The Author)

We all make decisions. I for my part, would like to think I have a good amount of experience in decision making. After all I’ve been in the industry for nearly 19 years, and the biggest reason of all is I’m a dad of a 10yr old.

Tons of books have been written, eons worth lectures have been given, on this topic. After all this is the hardest thing a human does.

Decisions are hard, patterns are easy to follow. We humans love to follow patterns, that is why the service industry works so well. …

I read quite a bit, but not much fiction — the exception being Science Fiction. Some favorites are the classics of Asimov, Arthur C Clarke, Philip K Dick, Ramez Naam, Dave Eggers (Of course, one can argue The Circle is not Science Fiction; for me it is).

I also work at a large software company, and regularly hire people. I love to think ahead and innovate with various products within my company.

The hardest part of innovation features two key problems:

  • Hiring the right people who can think from first principles
  • Hiring the people who can imagine what the future…

Measurement has always been an obsession of humankind. From the days of counting sheep, to early math that was developed to solve the mysteries of the stars and heavenly bodies, to today’s driverless cars.

In this journey of measurement, the focus has not only been on how the measurement is done, but also on how it is communicated for appropriate study and decision making.

Today, this medium of communication is our networks. And nothing is more state of the art than what is happening now — 5G. …

Evening Sky at SAP Innovation Center — Potsdam Germany (Photo Credits: Author)

Where does innovation happen?

Innovation is the biggest buzz word in today’s age. We use it frequently enough that we no longer need a definition to understand it. Do we?

Since we know what innovation is, today I would like to discuss where and under what circumstances does innovation happen.

The Trouble of the Few

Consider a country, where the population is really small. I mean really small, a few hundred people. Consider this is an island, and they have sufficient natural resources of Beaches., Forests, Natural Waterfalls and all. The sea gives enough fish, a source of protein, there…

Feeling small in the Himalayas (photo credit — The Author)

“We make a living by what we get. We make a life by what we give.” ―Winston S. Churchill

The other day I was on vacation at a resort, and I was listening to a conversation between a family and the manager. The guy in the family spoke with scathe, saying, ‘we have paid so much, and we are entitled to a-class service’. The tone was acidic. All the manager could do was listen, and get his staff to run helter- skelter in getting their demands done.

It gave me a thought on the sense of entitlement, we baggage ourselves…

Jayanth Bagare

In the process of shedding away.. weight, belongings, rules ...

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